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The Mayberry Effect screens at Victory International Film Festival in Evansville, IN

Aug. 23rd, 2021

The Mayberry Effect is an official selection of the Victory International Film Festival (VIFF) in Evansville, IN and will screen Saturday, September 11th at 2pm at Encounter Church.

Nominated for Best Documentary at VIFF, The Mayberry Effect is a thought provoking feature length documentary investigating the topic of nostalgia through the lens of The Andy Griffith Show asking the questions; did a simpler time actually exist, how did TAGS influence Mt. Airy, (Andy Griffith’s home town) and our American culture and will future generations continue to enjoy the sitcom or will it fade away like other television programs over the past 60 years?

"I'm excited to attend another film festival with my documentary The Mayberry Effect," said Chris Hudson, producer and director. "There is nothing like screening your film in front of an actual audience. I can't wait to be around other filmmakers and network."

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